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1962 Chevy II 300


Built in Canada Oshawa plant

My GM Canada info shows 3248 four door sedans built and just 629 two doors in total. 

It was a Christmas Eve tipsy eBay buy in 2019 which became a full on Covid 19 build. The car sat somewhere in Washington for 25 years - oil change sticker read 7/9/94 57030 miles and when received it in Dec 2019 the odometer read 58930 miles. Sporting a 6 cyl high thrift engine when I received it took me only a couple of rides around the block before tearing it down. Can add to the story


434ci SBC

Pump gas 93 octane 

672hp at 6700rpm 608tq at 5000 rpm


Dart Little M block

Edelbrock Super victor 2


APD 1000 cfm 4150 carb


AEM air fuel meter allows the me to fine tuning to the carb. 


American Powertrain TKO600 5 speed


1-7/8 Stainless works church boys racing headers. 

Light weight Campisi Custom cut and welded 3.5 exhaust pipes feed into a Dr.Gas x-pipe then into a set of super hot 3.5” Black Widow mufflers into full length tail pipes that navigate between the Detroit speed mini tubs, Calvert lightweight split mono leafs, Calvert adjustable shocks and narrowed lightweight Moser 12bolt 35 spline rear with Eaton trutrac packed with 4.10 gear ratio. 


I wanted to run the stock steal fuel tank tank full length tail pipes so mock-up was essential to clear the 295/55-15 12” wide Mickey Thompson ET street tires on a 15x10 Weld Rodlites that are disguised with a waterjetted 5 hole lug plate to resemble the front Fenton 15x3.5” Slots wrapped in Protrac pizza cutter rubber



Packed with ARP hardware locking down the Scat 4340 forged crankshaft and Scat extreme duty I-beam rods. 

The best Wiseco 2618 aircraft alloy pistons. 

AFR 220 competition port heads. 

COMP camshaft 610 lift. 261 duration on 110 LSA

Howards Short travel tie bar lifters and pushrods. 

Cloyes timing chain

Melling oil pump

ATI super damper 

Stock stamped steel fuel tank with Holley Hydomat installed to ensure there will be fuel at the pickup at all corners of the fuel tank. 


Front subframe is a modified TCI Pro touring unit that I had relocated the top mounting coil-over connection point 2”further up which allows 5.25” of travel with a pair of taller Viking double adjustable shocks.

1966 Chevelle 300

LSX forged 440 cu inch 745 hp 630 tq

Dart SHP LSX Block
American Powertrain Magnum T56 6 speed transmission

Mahle Pistons

Cloyes timing chain

Melling oil pump

ATI super damper 

Lunati rods

Comp cam special grind

Hooker Black Jack Coated 1-7/8 headers with matching Hooker full exhaust.

Wilwood disc brakes all around with Hydratech/ Hydraboost assist.

GM performance ported and head matched LS7/LSX manifold.

HVH Super Sucker Carb Spacer Height: 2"

APD 1050cfm 4150 Carb

MSD LS series Ignition controller

AEM air fuel ratio gauge

Sport comp gauges

G-Force Crossmember

Custom 3 inch aluminum driveshaft.

Chevy 12 bolt rear with 4.10 gears.

CPP upper and lower control arms.

Moroso front drag springs

Viking double adjustable front shocks

Borgeson fast ratio steering box

Umi performance drive shaft safety loop

Holley Black fuel pump

Holley fuel pressure regulator

Umi performance double adjustable upper and lower rear control arms.

Umi 1 inch drop spring rear

Calvert’s CR Series 9-Way Adjustable twin tube rear shocks.

Umi performance 1-3/8 tubular body mount Drag Sway Bar

Tanks Ink fuel tank with new sender

Mickey Thompson 275/60/15 R series Drag Radials

Vintage 15x4" Cragars

Custom 15x10" steel wheels

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