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Lightweight Roll Up Banner Stand Printing with Canvas Carrying Case

Graphic lab Printing NYC has an easy to use portable pop up banner stand that allows for

quick, perfect way to display graphics. Located in New York City, NY


  • 24", 36", 48", 60" banner stand

  • Sturdy aluminum based stand with two swing out feet

  •  Support pole

  • Canvas carrying case

Retractable Banner Stand Setup Instructions

  1. Remove first the support pole and then the banner stand from the fabric carrying case. Sometimes the support pole are tucked away in the aluminum case and easily removed.

  2. Turn the two support feet on the bottom of the stand so they are perpendicular to the stand. This creates a base for the stand, which can be placed on the ground.

  3. Next, extend the support pole, which has a top, middle and bottom section. Grasp the top pole section and hold it firmly. Then turn the middle section to the right to tighten. Repeat, this time holding the middle section firmly while turning the bottom section to the right. The black plastic connectors are for looks only and are not used for tightening.

  4. Insert the fully extended pole into banner stand. MUST MAKE SURE POLE GOES THROUGH TOP AND BOTTOM HOLE SLOT.

  5. To raise the banner, place your foot on one of the support feet to hold the stand in place. Then, grasp the hook and lift the banner, attaching the hook to the top of the pole.

The retractable banner stand is best assembled by a person who is of average height or taller.

Retractable Banner Stand Breakdown Instructions

  1. Place your foot on one of the banner stand’s support feet to hold it steady.

  2. Grasp the hook at the top of the pole and unhook it, and slowly retract the banner back into the stand.

  3. Remove the support pole from the banner stand and collapse the pole by loosening first the bottom, then the top sections. To do this, hold one section of the pole firmly while turning the section below it to the left to loosen. Do not try to use the black plastic connectors to loosen the pole.

  4. Rotate the two support feet back underneath the stand.

  5. Carefully slide the banner stand into the fabric carrying case. Then, put the support pole back in and zip the carrying case. 


Roll Up Banner Stand Layout Specification

click photo to enlarge


Instructions on how to setup file for banner stand.

Pop up banner stand printing

Pop up banner stand printing

Same day service banner stands. Send PDF for review and we will print your banner in the below sizes. Pop up banners come with an aluminum case and a canvas carrying case. Sizes 24", 36" and 48" wide at 82" high. Heights can be adjust to suite your needs.

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