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New York City Embroidery shop creates custom hats, sports shirts, custom napkins, stitched branded company logo on construction apparel, jackets, hoodies, towels

Corporate Embroidery for Sport Shirts, Polos, Button-up Shirts and More

Customized Embroidered shirts with any logo 

Best creative custom machine embroidery services. All work performed in New York City at our embroidery shop since 1991

Whether it’s a logo on a hat, or lettering on a jacket, custom embroidery is a great way to set yourself apart from the crowd. Custom embroidered polos are not just for the casual golfer. Wow your friends with your very own embroidered polos. Pick your favorite brand garment and let us do the rest! Hoodies, Cardigans, Zip-Ups, Track Jackets & more! Let us embroider your outerwear to keep you rockin' the style all year long.

Local pickup or Fedex shipping can be arranged to you.

Call (212) 682-1815 or (516) 827-7446 today to get a free quote or visit us to see our embroidery samples in the showroom.

Local embroidery shop specializing in garment decoration

  • Custom logos stitched Polo embroidery

  • Shirt branding with logo identity

  • Online embroidery shop that does local work

  • Stitched Carhartt construction jackets with logo

  • Outdoor Golf jackets stitched with graphics

  • Graphic embroidery on Soccer jerseys

  • colorful stitching of logo embroidery on Football 

  • Caps and hat embroidery in bulk, wholesale and retail

  • Customized embroidery SWF on t-shirt and pants

  • Colorized logos on garments for holiday gifts

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See samples in our showroom Click here for live map

See thread color selection

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Ladies sports shirt with embroidery

Ladies sports shirt with embroidery

ladies embroidered stitched polo shirts

Graphic Lab thread selection

Graphic Lab thread selection

Thread colors available at Graphic Lab printing and custom apparel

Embroidered Sport shirt custom logo

Embroidered Sport shirt custom logo

Tire company shirts with embroidery

Embroidered Medical office shirts

Embroidered Medical office shirts

School team wear embroidery logo on shirts with thread

embroidered polo shirts

embroidered polo shirts

Stitched logo on sports shirts

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